About Trend Beacons - the new documentary by The Markell Brothers / by Thorkell Hardarson

Follow the past - find the future! Fashion and design affect everybody, every day of their life. Most people are clueless about how these things work – how trends emerge to make their creators a lot of money.

An in-depth look at the hidden world of Trend forecasting, explaining how Trend Forecasters forecast two years into the future. The Trend Beacons explain what makes trends emerge and how businesses need to decide when to enter the wave and ride it. A wrong decision costs a lot of money.

The Ravage duo - Clemens Rameckers & Arnold van Geuns, Christine Boland and David Shah are the protagonists of the film. We see how they develop a forecast and work on their Trend Forecast, interacting with the World news and consulting their clients. At the end of the film we see an actual forecast that can be compared with emerging fashion and design items.

Trend Beacons is a tour de force into a hidden world that affects everybody on a daily basis, but almost no one knows about. Enter the rabbit hole of fashion and design, look at the smoke and mirrors and exit on the other side. A visually stunning, in-depth documentary that entertains and educates at the same time. You will never look at the fashion and design industry in the same way, after seeing this documentary. Fashion and design affect everybody, every day of their life. Most people are clueless about how these things work – how trends emerge to make their creators a lot of money.

The Markell Brothers started to film Trend Beacons in January 2013 and premiered the feature length documentary in Copenhagen, Denmark at CPH:DOX in November 2014 to sold out screenings.


Christine Boland is Dutch, based in Amsterdam. She is a trend watcher/trend analyst with a background in psychology and fashion. Personally, she prefers to be called a trend analyst, since an analyst better describes her active role. Christine gives inspiring lectures and presentations. By providing new perspectives on known trends and upcoming ones, Boland inspires designers and companies to take new roads to win over their fair share of the market. She also consults companies and social organizations.

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RAVAGE is a Dutch artistic duo, and a contraction of their last names Clemens RAmeckers and Arnold VAn GEuns. The creative multitalents co-founded the Paris-based Trend forecasting office, Trend Union. They specialize in menswear trends and colors and consult many of the world's leading design houses. Together, they have also created art and design since the 70's, remaining current in their work to this day. Their design ranges from ceramics to textiles, from furniture to table top and hotel designs, which can all be found in renowned collections and museums all over the world.

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David Shah is a Trend forecaster and Market analyst - Publisher, Editor, Speaker and Designer. He is a publisher at Metropolitan Publishing BV (Textile View, View2, Viewpoint, PantoneView Colour Planner, Textile View VIFF China). In the past, he was Co-Publisher at United Publishers S.A. Paris (View on Colour). David is also a design and marketing consultant for leading companies in Europe, ranging from fashion to automotive, pharmaceuticals and white goods. He is a regular speaker on social and design trends at events worldwide. David has been a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Arts and has taught textiles, fashion and marketing in London. He is currently Associate Professor at ARTez, Arnhem, The Netherlands, responsible for the course on branding and marketing, and is Associate Professor at Renmin University, Beijing. He is also a peer member for the CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands.